Sprühgeräte seit Jahren


Bei Marolex folgen wir einem einfachen Prinzip:
die besten Sprühgeräte zu kreieren,
aus unserer Erfahrung zu ziehen und moderne Technologie einzusetzen.


Wir konzentrieren uns auf 4 Hauptpunkte, um unsere Verpflichtungen gegenüber allen Benutzern zu erfüllen:




Alles, was wir tun, ist das Streben nach Perfektion. Wir sind ständig auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen und testen sie mit unermüdlichem Engagement.





Wir haben uns von Anfang an unter dem Motto “Sprühgeräte seit Jahren” orientiert und können seit über 30 Jahren auf die zuverlässigsten Geräte stolz sein.





Unsere Erstellungsprozesse sind auf den Benutzer ausgerichtet. Die Materialauswahl und die Liebe zum Detail prägen unsere Produkte.





Ethik und Ehrlichkeit geboten. Deshalb umgeben wir unsere Benutzer mit Support und Service auf höchstem Niveau.


37 Jahre
Erfahrung in der
Spritzgeräteproduktion, ab 1987.





1987 Bogusław Olejnik establishes MAROLEX. The initial period of the company focuses on the design of sprayers and the construction of instrumentation for their production, so that they are as durable and comfortable/ergonomic for users as possible


1990 Begin production of Sprayer 9, 12 pressure sprayers Initially, the company focused on producing sprayers for horticulture


1992 Started production of Jumbo 5 pressure sprayers


1995 Renaming of pressure sprayers Sprayer, Jumbo to Profession


1996 Start of production of 16 l. backpack sprayers.


1997 Started production of 1500, 2000ml pressure sprayers


1998 Started production of Mini 500, Mini 1000 sprayers


1998 Joining the Board of Directors of the Company sons: Marek and Dariusz Olejnik


2000  Commencement of production of Titan 12, 16, 20 knapsack sprayers

Start of pressure sprayers for liming and bleaching Profession 12 PLUS


2003 Start of production of budget sprayers with modular lance Hobby 5, 7, 9 ,12


2004 Upgrading the production line by implementing modern tooling


2005 Start of production of Movie 16 trolley sprayers


2006 Dynamic development of the company. Acquisition of many customers from Germany, UK, New Zealand, significant increase in sales in the domestic market.


2007 The company begins to introduce sprayers and sprayers for the automotive industry , mines,  marine industry, for factories, for cleaning with various types of acid and alkaline cleaning fluids and substances.


2008 Establishment of a discussion forum-horticultural knowledge base bringing together the gardening and allotment community:, supporting gardeners and users of MAROLEX sprayers with a very wide range of gardening knowledge and advice. As of 2023, has more than 76,000 registrants with 5 million posts.


2009 Completion of a 2-year expansion of MAROLEX, increasing storage, production and office space. New facade of the company. Easier service for customers, wider driveways for trucks, TIRs.


2012 Introduction of advanced stages of production and loading quality control, installation of extensive monitoring system, especially helpful for loading control


2015 Continued research and development of MAROLEX. Winning a number of Western demanding markets, including customers from South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Japan


2016 Commencement of production of VX battery-powered trolley (wheeled) sprayers.

Increasing the range of spare parts and accessories for MAROLEX sprayers to almost 300 items.


2017 Commencement of production of RX backpack battery sprayers.

Start of production of Industry ALKA, Industry ACID 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 sprayers


2018 Commencement of production of ultra-portable and lightweight FX “shoulder” battery sprayers 

Start of production of sprayers for industry in the series:  VX ALKA, RX, ALKA


2019 Start of production of AXEL 2000, 3000, 7 l. foamers for car washing and detailing.


2020 Redesign of the website and eshop. The website is now available in the following languages: Polish, English, German, Russian, Spanish


2021 Joining the Company of the next generation of owners: Jan and Maria Olejnik.  All the time 100% of the shares is in the hands of the family company – the company remains 100% in Polish hands).


2022  The company significantly increases exports to many Western countries, and we now supply more than 50 countries in Europe and around the world. We supply both our brand products and components, including under third-party, OEM brands.


2023 Completion of construction of new production, storage and office facilities in Łomna. Relocation of MAROLEX to new premises, to modern facilities of large area with ramps for TIR trucks. Significant increase in production capacity and convenience for Company Employees.

New line of Xpro 5, 7, 9 sprayers (horticultural series).  Currently MAROLEX has in its offer:  7 types of battery sprayers, 21 types of manual and pressure sprayers, 22 types of equipment and sprayers for industry and automotive (adapted to the use of acids and alkalis) and several hundred items of spare parts, additional equipment.


2024 New line of Industry Lite 5, 7, 9 (professional series) sprayers.

Planned launch of production of X-PRO 12 sprayer (December )


Andere Neuigkeiten
31-01-2024 /
New product 2024 – sprayer Industry lite™ acid 

New product 2024 - sprayer Industry lite™ acid

31-01-2024 /
New product 2024 – sprayer Industry lite™ alka

New product 2024 - sprayer Industry lite™ alka

02-02-2023 /
New product 2023 – Xpro

New product 2023 - sprayer Xpro


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